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floor1     We offer highly skilled and professional hardwood installation in the following categories:

          - Hardwood Floors
          - Hardwood Built-Ins
          - Hardwood Stairways
          - Hardwood Fireplace Surrounds

     Every installation by CUSTOM INTERIORS is made to the customer’s specification. Our hardwood installations will last for generations if cared for properly. It is important that you make the correct choices when installing hardwood designs.

     When choosing an installation, don’t hurry, consult other members of the family or your colleagues, visit CUSTOM INTERIORS, then think some more. It doesn't’t matter how long it takes so long as, together, we get it right.

     When installing hardwood designs, ask the basic questions: stairways

  • What purpose or function your require your hardwood designs to fulfill?
  • Does your hardwood design need to work with an existing environment or are you free to choose a particular look or style?
  • Does the setting or situation affect your choices?

     It is important that you know how much is in your budget, so that we can help you work to it and get the best possible value for your money.

     Different woods in natural finishes always look well together, but we can stain your new pieces to match existing furniture if you wish. Remember that naturally finished wood darkens slightly over a period of time, while stain colors may get lighter. You can take wood samples home with you. Clear non-yellowing acrylic lacquers and a final hand waxing brings out the intrinsic quality of the wood and protects it from the rigors of daily use.

     We are here to help you. Our designers understand that your needs are unique and they accept the challenge: to get it right with and for you. We are happy to talk on the phone or communicate by email, although a visit to CUSTOM INTERIORS showroom and a one-to-one discussion with one of our knowledgeable staff is the very best way of ensuring you get exactly what you want.