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      Kitchens once were considered out-of-bounds for solid hardwood flooring. In the kitchen, today's polyurethane finishes make hardwood floors an attractive choice that is easy to maintain and keep floors
      What makes a hardwood floor a great choice for the kitchen? It's a floor that has some give in it, that's not tiring underfoot. It doesn't shatter everything that drops on it. It's good for sound insulation, and it can be very beautiful. if you want to change it you just have to sand it. With other floors, you have to make a huge investment and essentially replace the entire floor covering.
      A urethane finish is best for hardwood flooring in kitchens. The number of finish coats required for optimal performance depends on the type of urethane finish selected. For best results, two coats of moisture-cured urethane should be applied, three coats of oil-based urethane, or four coats of water-based urethane. Tung oil will likely perform well but requires more maintenance.
      Because standing water can damage a wood floor, here are a few hints for the area around the sink, where spills and drips most commonly occur. A floor cloth or washable rug can protect the wood. A small "apron" of ceramic tile, vinyl or linoleum can also be installed, sort of like a permanent "rug" in front of the sink. This can be a real decorative opportunity for mosaic designs for example.
      Most of Custom Interiors clients, homeowners throughout Southern maine, choose wood floors since the are extremely practical for people who like novelty and change as well as people who want the same look forever.