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      builtin2Custom Interiors specialize in high-quality handcrafted hardwood built-ins made to fit your home, décor and lifestyle without sacrificing the comfort and functionality you require. One of the best ways to enhance your space is in the form of custom hardwood built-ins specifically designed for your home.builtin1

     Custom hardwood built-ins such as closets, bookcases and custom cabinetry can save space and give your home that unique look and can dramatically increase the value of your home!

     For example, hardwood built-in cabinets are a way to set your home apart from the others. Every home has kitchen cabinets but the difference between two homes can be its quality hardwood built-in cabinets. Remember, a well made hardwood built-in by Custom Interiors will enhance any rooms space as well as increase its value.

     Custom Interiors can discuss with you the size and style of the room that will house the built-in, your preference of woodworking style. your budget concerns, and a timeframe for finishing your custom designed hardwood built-in.